RNHA National: Orlando Loses, Rivadeneira Wins, Charter Revoked
Posted June 13, 2011 by Rafael Rivadeneira in News

On Friday June 10th, the RNHA IL Chairman, Rafael Rivadeneira, received a certified letter from RNHA National General Counsel. The letter outlined 3 specific decisions made by or in the name of the RNHA National Executive Committee, outlined below. It also included details on an appeal process, also outlined below.

The first decision expressed was a dismissal of the appeal of the state convention by Mr. Steve Orlando, et al. RNHA IL understands this as a decision based on the lack of merit within Steve Orlando’s faction’s appeal per RNHA rule of law and parliamentary procedures.

In the second decision, the RNHA IL Executive slate that was elected at the state convention was officially recognized by or for the RNHA National Executive Committee.

In the third decision, due to a number of actions taken by Mr. Orlando and Mr. Rivadeneira and their surrogates, the RNHA National Executive Committee has decertified the RNHA IL chapter pending appeal. The details regarding the actions taken were not provided in the letter.

The RNHA IL chapter was given 7 days from the date of the letter to file an appeal with the RNHA National General Counsel. The letter was postmarked on June 3rd, 2011. To repeat, it was received and signed for through certified mail on June 10th, 7 days from the letters’ date, and at least 72 hours after Mr. Orlando received his copy of the certified letter.

The RNHA IL is reviewing the decision with legal counsel and parliamentary experts. An appeal is forthcoming, though additional information and RNHA National bylaws clarification must be reviewed and discussed with the RNHA Executive and National Committees. Due process according to the RNHA rule of law and parliamentary procedure must be adhered to, and we the RNHA IL Executive Committee will work tirelessly to see that it is.

We have the following concerns:

1. We have received no specifics regarding the offenses warranting decertification.

2. We have received no specifics regarding the date of the Executive Meeting, attendance, or minutes at which this decision took place. But we do know that not all members of the Executive Committee were asked to participate in any meeting, process, vote, debate or review regarding these issues.

3. We have received no specifics regarding how a question of the state chapter’s good standing became germane to the question before the RNHA National Executive Committee regarding the appeal to the RNHA IL state convention.

4. RNHA IL received no notification that its membership in the RNHA National organization was in question, or under threat of decertification, at what point those meetings took place, or what evidence was considered. Nor was the RNHA IL offered any opportunity to defend itself or provide restitution should such be warranted per RNHA rule of law and proper parliamentary procedure.

5. The timing of the decision, June 3rd 2011, came two days after the RNHA National Chairman was notified of RNHA DuPage County Chair Ric Gruber’s support for Rafael Rivadeneira and the RNHA IL Executive Committee elected at the state convention, and Gruber’s call for a new RNHA DuPage County election or a reconstituted RNHA DuPage County chapter.

6. The question of jurisdiction over chapter standing is ultimately accorded the RNHA National Committee per the RNHA National bylaws. In that event, it would seem that even if it were true that the RNHA Executive Committee exercised initial jurisdiction over the RNHA IL chapter’s good standing, the decision likely should be ratified or denied by the RNHA National Committee per the RNHA National bylaws.

We are reviewing each point with our legal counsel and parliamentary experts. Efforts have been repeatedly made to resolve this matter both with Mr. Orlando and other members of his faction. To date all olive branches have been rebuffed, even to the point of admitting a willingness to end affiliation with the RNHA IL and start a new competing organization, due in part to personal disagreements and an unwillingness to work with anyone that holds a different perspective and follows the courage of their convictions.

Until this matter has come to its conclusion, we, the RNHA IL, will continue to do the work we promised at the state convention. We will continue with business as usual: growing our membership and preparing for the 2012 elections as we have been doing since our February convention. We ask you to join with us. We may not always agree, but we will always work for what’s right and work together, as we bring the values and virtues of the Republican Party to the Hispanic community, advocate for Conservative issues, and fight to deliver the great state of IL for the Republican Party in 2012 and beyond. Let’s get to work!

For more information, feel free to contact me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or 630-776-1607.


Rafael Rivadeneira, RNHA IL Chairman

John Guevara, RNHA IL Vice-Chairman

Olga Pereira, RNHA IL 2nd Vice-Chairman



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