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Posted June 13, 2011 by Rafael Rivadeneira

A story from regarding the National RNHA and RNHA IL:

In a surprise move, the Republican National Hispanic Assembly resolved a disputed leadership election in its Illinois chapter by handing one side a pyrrhic victory while simultaneously withdrawing official recognition of the Illinois chapter, effectively eliminating it as a part of the organization.

The controversy stems from the Illinois chapter’s leadership elections in February.  RNHA-IL Chairman Rafael Rivadeneira was opposed by a slate who first sought to have him excommunicated from his local DuPage County Chapter, thus making him ineligible to stand for statewide office.  When that piece of subterfuge failed, an alternate slate of candidates, led by Steve Orlando, challenged him at the convention supported by chapters and delegates that did not meet the election requirements of the RNHA charter.

When these delegates were rejected from the convention, Orlando and his group headed to another site which had been pre-booked for the occasion, held their own event which elected its own leadership slate, and declared themselves the rightful RNHA of Illinois. 

RNHA National recognized the election of Rivadeneira provisionally pending the outcome of a review.  The dispute has simmered for the intervening four months as National Chairman Alci Maldonado had been urging a reconciliation between the two sides.  When it was clear that each side was demanding victory on its own terms, Maldonado issued her ruling.

In a certified letter to both factions dated June 3 and signed by Maldonado and RNHA General Counsel Robert Bunn, Maldonado indicated that Orlando’s appeal was “summarily dismissed” and stated that “The election of Rivadeneira is recognized solely for the purpose of this Decision.”

The stunning part of the decision, however, came with its announcement:

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