The ILRNHA has local chapters, roughly split up by counties to help make an impact in local communities. To learn more about the sub chapter in your area, click on a chapter name.

Central Illinois Chapter

Chairman: Martina Pereira

Vice Chairman: Kurt Taraba

Secretary: Sergio Aragon

Treasurer: Roger Lindus

Immediate Past Chairman: Olga Pereira

Cook County Chapter

Chairman: Deb Gordils

Vice Chairman: Frank Martinez

Secretary: Rosalinda Reynolds

Treasurer: Tony Navarro

DuPage County Chapter


Vice Chairman:



Grundy County

Chairman: Ben Ordonez

Vice Chairman: Elizabeth Ordonez

Secretary: Mary Mathewson

Treasurer: Leticia Ordonez

Kane County Chapter

Chairman: Margarita Mendoza

Vice Chairman:


Treasurer: Jo Ann Armenta

Immediate Past Chairman: Joe Galvan

Kendall County


Vice Chairman:


Sauk Valley Chaper

Chairman: Liandro Arellano

Vice Chairman: G.G. Garcia

Secretary: Sheila Garcia

Treasurer: Jaime Arellano

Southern Illinois Chapter

Chairman: Gloria Campos

Vice Chairman: Tedra Miller

Secretary: Amileth Brooks

Treasurer: Terri Bryant

Winnebago County Chapter

Chairman: John Guevara

Vice Chairman: John Cabello

Secretary: Mike Guevara

Treasurer: John Harmon

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