DuPage County RNHA Letter of Acknowledgement
Posted June 07, 2011 by Ric Gruber in News

The confusion over the past several months with respect to not only the RNHA DuPage County Executive Board Election, but also the IL RNHA State Convention has been well documented.  As is the case with all of those involved who have given their time and money to this organization around common goals, it is unfortunate that the disagreements of a select few resulted in a tumultuous fracturing over the past several months both during the elections and since.

Whether as the rightfully elected Chairman of RNHA DuPage County, or as appointed by the previous IL RNHA State Executive Committee, post December 2010 RNHA DuPage County Election, I must report that since that time reports have been provided to me that I was previously unaware of.  As a result of the communications by several RNHA DuPage County members who were not granted access to the RNHA DuPage County phone election, a new RNHA DuPage County election may be warranted. My decision is based upon the fact that the amount of RNHA DuPage County members disenfranchised may have led to a different outcome in the RNHA DuPage County election, therefore the error was not a harmless one and a new RNHA DuPage Country election or a reconstituted RNHA DuPage County chapter may and should serve as options to remedy the situation.

Furthermore, there has been a continuous debate amongst members across the state of Illinois regarding the State Convention held in Dixon on February 5th, 2011.  As stated by the RNHANC, the Executive Committee elected with Mr. Rivadeneira as its’ President is to be recognized by the ILRNHA because “…the various findings of fact and rulings by the Parliamentarian pursuant to but not limited to the RNHA of Illinois Bylaws and Roberts Rules of Order are presumed correct and the RNHA will not disturb such findings absent a showing of an abuse of discretion or other legally compelling reason.” Mr. Orlando did challenge the recognition of the state organization and state committee which were organized during the original Convention, and he filed an appeal with the RNHA National Executive Committee.  However, until such time as the RNHANC states otherwise there is a presumption that the Executive Committee with Mr. Rivadeneira is to be recognized and is recognized as such by the DuPage County RNHA.


Ric Gruber

RNHA DuPage County Chairman



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