RNHA IL Addresses Recent Press Statements
Posted June 08, 2011 by Rafael Rivadeneira in News

To the members of the RNHA:

Much communication has gone on regarding the status of the RNHA IL chapter. There has been no communication received by any member of the RNHA IL Executive Board elected at the 2011 RNHA IL State Convention and recognized by the RNHA Executive Committee to date. To our knowledge, the only person that has received any communication regarding the status of the RNHA IL chapter has been the Will County Chairman Mr. Steve Orlando, who filed an appeal, contesting the results of the state convention. This suggests to us that the response from the RNHA National Chairman was to Mr. Orlando's alternative "Republican" political organization and not the RNHA IL.

In any event, to our knowledge, the process set out by the RNHA Executive Committee required a trial and a vote of the RNHA Executive Committee. To our knowledge, a decision has likely been made by the National Chairman, without a vote of the RNHA Executive Committee. What that decision is we do not know. As we have not received a letter, it suggests to us that any National RNHA decision was intended for Mr. Orlando's group alone - not for the state organization.

Until clarification is provided from the RNHA Executive Committee on any process that may be necessary to appeal a decision that has been duly voted on, and after consideration by the RNHA National Committee, who is the "ultimate authority" regarding this issue per Rules No. 3, No. 7 and No. 15b of the Rules of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly; we the RNHA IL are employed in an effort to empower Hispanics and bring Republican and conservative values to voters beyond the Chicago machine and across all of Illinois. Let's put this behind us and get to work!



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