Illinois Conservatives Urge National RNHA Chairman to Overturn Her Decision
Posted July 20, 2011 by Rafael Rivadeneira

As the RNHA IL continues to wait for a response from the Chairman of the National RNHA and her legal counsel to the appeal filed by RNHA IL, the RNHA IL is pleased to announce the support of the Illinois Conservatives. The Illinois Conservatives urge the Chairman of the National RNHA to overturn her decision to “withdraw recognition” of the RNHA IL and to rule in favor of the RNHA IL’s appeal

"The time is now for the RNHA to recognize the RNHA IL. The Hispanic block is one of the most important blocks of an election cycle and an ever growing block," said Zach Oltmanns, President of the Illinois Conservatives. "So, today the Illinois Conservatives is calling on the RNHA to reinstate the RNHA IL led by Chairman Rafael Rivadeneira. The RNHA IL has a strong record behind them and they truly do make a difference in each election cycle. Remember, this all could have been prevented if Steve Orlando and his cronies would have followed the rules during the election which took place just a few months ago. The RNHA IL is well organized with many chapters in place. This is an organization that will help conservatives get elected in 2012 and beyond. The Illinois Conservatives would like to join hands with the RNHA IL and to support their reinstatement."

The Illinois Conservatives join Mary Jo Arndt, former IL GOP National Committeewoman for 20 years and a past President of both the National Federation of Republican Women and the Illinois Federation of Republican Women, and a growing list of RNHA leaders across the country who believe Chairman Maldonado’s unilateral decision to decertify the Illinois RNHA without consulting with or taking a vote of the RNHA Executive Committee or the RNHA National Committee—the “ultimate authority” in this case per the RNHA bylaws—will not be in the best interest of our organization as we move forward into 2012.



  • It is a shame that the other faction couldn’t accept defeat with grace. They are a bunch of sore loosers. All that goes to show is why we have problems in the state of Illinois. Sen. Mark Kirk, Treasurer Dan Rutherford and Comptroller Judy Barr-Topinka were all elected in statewide elections, but Bill Brady lost the Governor’s seat by 1/2% because he was too conservative? Wow, that was closer than the 10% margin than Judy Barr-Topinka had in the last Governor’s election.

    Too conservative is a judgement call from the ILGOP/Chicago GOP and Cook County GOP.

    The national RNHA got an ungracious letter from the other faction and decided to disband the ILRNHA without a proper hearing? Without seeing the evidence? Illinois just started turning things around with the election of Sen. Mark Kirk, Treasurer Dan Rutherford and Comptroller Judy Barr Topinka. Bill Brady lost within 1/2%. Without an affiliate group, such as ILRNHA, and Hispanics being the largest growing minority in the state of Illinois, this decision might be seen as hostile to the Hispanic community. In a state that is transitioning toward a Red State, this could completely sabotage the momentum.

    Being a Caucasian, but also one who has reached out to all minorities in church ministry and Republican/Conservative circles, I find the national RNHA decision despicable.

    There are many examples of the other side, throwing a temper tantrum just like this.

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