Arizona RNHA*** Chairman Urges National RNHA Chairman to Overturn Her Decision
Posted July 12, 2011 by Rafael Rivadeneira
Arizona RNHA*** Chairman Urges National RNHA Chairman to Overturn Her Decision

As the RNHA IL continues to wait for a response from the Chairman of the National RNHA and her legal counsel to the appeal filed by RNHA IL, the RNHA IL is pleased to announce the endorsement of Luis Acle, the Chairman of the Arizona RNHA***. Acle adds his name to a growing list of RNHA leaders across the country who believe Chairman Maldonado’s unilateral decision to decertify the Illinois RNHA without consulting with or taking a vote of the RNHA Executive Committee or the RNHA National Committee—the “ultimate authority” in this case per the RNHA bylaws—will not be in the best interest of our organization as we move forward into 2012.

Acle urges the Chairman of the National RNHA to overturn her decision to “withdraw recognition” of the RNHA IL and to rule in favor of the RNHA IL’s appeal.

"These are crucial times for Republicans to find a way to work together for the benefit of our Great Nation", Acle said. "We are part of a TEAM (there is no I in TEAM) that must set aside personal differences and be willing to sacrifice as we work toward important national goals that go far beyond our individual objectives. We should recognize that the main beneficiaries of conflicts among leaders of the RNHA are the Democrats. The national leaders of the Republican Party have a legitimate reason to call us to accountability and we should be wise enough to clean up our act before that happens. There is too much in the balance. The nation is at risk. And while the voters are disappointed with Democrats, we should not ignore that they have over a billion dollars to spend against our candidates."

***Luis Acle followed all the instructions and met all the requirements set out by National RNHA Chairman Alci Maldonado when submitting his Petition for Charter to be officially recognized by the National RNHA in August 31, 2010.  He was denied his Petition for Charter without any reason given or any vote taken by the RNHA Executive Committee or RNHA National Committee. Furthermore, his Petition for Charter was denied only after it was discovered by a few members of the RNHA National Committee that Mr. Acle had not received an official response from National RNHA about his pending Petition for Charter a full 6 months after submitting his petition. After speaking with those members, Mr. Acle sent Chairman Maldoanado a memo dated March 1, 2011, following up on his Petition for Charter. On March 31, 2011, 7 months after submitting his Petition for Charter, a letter was sent to Mr. Acle informing him of the decision to deny his Petition for Charter. No reason was given and no remedy was suggested as to how Mr. Acle could resolve any concerns. It was later discovered that there were members of the RNHA Executive Committee who were not aware of a pending Petition for Charter from Arizona RNHA even though their names were added as signers to the letter of denial. Despite repeated inquiries from members of the RNHA National Committee, Chairman Maldonado remains silent about why the Arizona RNHA Petition for Charter was denied and how the Arizona RNHA can remedy any issues the Chairman may have.



  • Thank you for being out spoken against her unfair and illegal decision. Her own election as Charmain is questionable.

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