RNHA Leaders Express Support for RNHA IL; 3 of 4 National RNHA Regions support RNHA IL
Posted June 19, 2011 by Rafael Rivadeneira

To the Chair of the RNHA:

We the undersigned are writing to express our support for the Illinois chapter of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly. Having read the decision to dismiss the appeal of the RNHA IL state convention, and the endorsement of the Chairmanship of Rafael Rivadeneira, we believe that the decision to decertify the Illinois RNHA will not be in the best interest of our organization as we move forward into 2012.

We must not provide our political opponents, or those in the mainstream liberal media, material to use against the RNHA or the Republican Party in an attempt to unduly influence the Hispanic community and the electorate at large. Now is the time to come together with nothing but open hearts and a firm commitment for the task that lies before us, replacing President Obama and winning elections in 2012. For the good of our organization, for the good of the Republican Party, and for the mission we have next year, let us not be divided, but move forward – together.


Rafael Rivadeneira, Chairman RNHA IL

John Guevara, Vice-Chairman RNHA IL and Chairman RNHA Winnebago County

Olga Pereira, 2nd Vice-Chairman RNHA IL

G.G. Garcia, National Committeeman RNHA IL

Gloria Campos, National Committeewoman RNHA IL, Chairman RNHA Southern IL and former Chairman RNHA IL

Jose Jorge, Treasurer RNHA IL

Penny Falcon, Secretary RNHA IL

Kevin Schoonmaker, Assistant Treasurer RNHA IL

Martina Pereira, Assistant Secretary RNHA IL and Chairman RNHA Central IL

Ben Ordonez, Chairman RNHA Grundy County

Liandro Arrellano, Chairman RNHA Sauk Valley

Joe Galvan, Chairman RNHA Kane County and former Chairman RNHA IL

Ric Gruber, Chairman RNHA DuPage County

Sal Barocio, Chairman RNHA Kendall County

David Olivencia, former RNHA National 2nd Vice-Chairman (2011) and former Chairman RNHA MI

Lorraine Lopez, National RNHA Northeast Region* Representative and Chairman RNHA NY

Larry Meneses, National RNHA Northeast Region* Representative and National Committeeman RNHA NY

Gabriela Wyatt, National RNHA Midwest Region* Representative and former Vice-Chairman RNHA IL

Victor Gomez, National RNHA Midwest Region* Representative

Bettina Inclan, National RNHA Western Region* Representative and former Executive Director of the National RNHA

Steven C. Vargas, National RNHA Western* Region Representative 

Richard Loa, Chairman RNHA CA

Lydia Gutierrez, National Committeewoman RNHA CA

John Quintanilla, National Committeeman RNHA CA

Juan Cabrera, Chairman RNHA MA

Gus Portela, Chairman RNHA MI

Victor Diaz, National Committeeman RNHA MI

Luis Acle, Chairman RNHA AZ*** 

* Three of the Four Regions of the National RNHA support the RNHA IL

***Arizona RNHA Chairman Urges National RNHA Chair to Overturn Her Decision



  • I am a member of Hillsborough county new RNHA Chapter and I was told in the National convention that there is not Chapters on any of this state . reason been was because Alci Maldonado do not have the quorum for re-election. she re-elected herself any way . this was the most bazar election . not democrasy, we have not say even tough we were not supporting her. We are really new on this we did not know that things are handle this way.
    must of the members of her committe for re-election were absent like the vice Chairman,  Could any of you tell me how legal this was .

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