Statement of Legitimacy: Leadership of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Illinois
Posted February 01, 2011 by Rafael Rivadeneira in Press Releases

Today, an illegitimate group issued a fraudulent press release claiming an alleged change in leadership of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Illinois. We are truly saddened by the false allegations and the exploitation of trust and order, as expressed by Mr. Angel Garcia.

It is important to clarify that the DuPage Chapter is NOT IN COMPLIANCE, the DuPage Chapter Executive Committee is NOT IN COMPLIANCE, and Mr. Ric Gruber is NOT A MEMBER IN GOOD STANDING when the disorderly and unsuccessful actions were attempted.  Previous to this hijacking of our good organization and name, the election of Mr. Ric Gruber was illegal according to Robert's Rules of Order and plagued with fraud and suppressing the vote of members of the DuPage Chapter, who do not support his actions.  We, the legitimate Executive Board of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Illinois, have yet to receive a response that we have repeatedly requested from Mr. Ric Gruber, regarding the numerous complaints, fraud, and non-compliance issues surrounding the DuPage Chapter.  Therefore, the alleged suspension purported from the DuPage Chapter of President Rafael Rivadeneira’s membership and good-standing, is not true because Mr. Ric Gruber and his Executive Board were officially deemed NOT IN COMPLIANCE prior to this illegitimate and unethical action.

Furthermore, current Secretary Olga M. Pereira, is an established resident of Illinois, who maintains a permanent home of record in Illinois, while continuing to serve in her capacity for the United States Government.  Furthermore, she is a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps, for at which time of service continued to be a resident of Illinois while on Active Duty across the country, until her Honorable Discharge.  There is no violation of bylaws regarding her residency status as alleged by Mr. Angel Garcia.

The actions taken by Mr. Angel Garcia, Mr. Mark Aguilera, and Mr. Ric Gruber are immoral, unethical, unprofessional, and represent the lowest standards of conduct.  We will work to heal the divisive aftermath of their actions and continue to build the Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Illinois.  This honorable organization is stronger than this exhibition of personal vendettas.  The Executive Board neither authorized nor approved the release of Mr. Angel Garcia’s Press Release, which was an action of a minority on the Executive Board of the IL RNHA, to wit: Angel Garcia, Ric Gruber, Mark Aguilera, and Rene Hernandez Jr.

We look forward to turning a new page at the 2011 Convention for the Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Illinois.



  • Thanks for clarifying the situation.

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