Posted February 06, 2015 by Deb L Gordils

The  Republican National Hispanic Assembly (RNHA) is making a Comeback and they are demanding that the dormant leadership wake up and lead a dual effort and follow their reorganization plan or simply get out of their way. Illinois has begun contacting States across America after forging a union with the Latino Republican National Committee(LRNC) as part of a Republican initiative to get Latinos informed on political fronts and have them engaged in decisions that affect them such as family, jobs and the economy. Frustrations are mounting against an inactive, non responsive few that have all but dissolved all 51 State Chapters across the country. Puerto Rico, who soon hopes to become a State said," The time is now to utilize the strong Republican membership in Puerto Rico and engage these Latinos into a voting block for securing a Republican Candidate wins the White House in 2016" The Puerto Rican Republicans are joined by North Carolina, whose Peruvian RNHA State Chairman also questions the dormant leaderships choice to avoid meeting, emailing, or returning phone calls to it's State Chairs. Michigan RNHA State Chairman had to hire an attorney after recieving a letter of Dissolution even though records show $500 paid for Annual Contributions to the national dormant group. Similar comments have come from Texas, Minnesota, New York and Arizona. We have no time to waste says the new reorganized RNHA States involved, the Latino vote holds the key to victory in 2016. The White House must have a competent, pro- America, strong in Foreign Affairs, and a friend to the high values of Family, Hard Work, and Education , all the pillars of the new emerging Hispanic Vote and we The New emerging RNHA or going to reorganize the states with the help of the RNC to make that happen.



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