Illinois Hispanic Republicans Release Statement in Response to Senator Harry Reid’s Comments
Posted August 13, 2010 by Rafael Rivadeneira in Press Releases

Recently, while campaigning in Nevada, Senate majority leader Harry Reid proclaimed to a predominantly Hispanic audience, “I don’t know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican. Do I need to say more?”

Sen. Reid, the Illinois Republican National Assembly (ILRNHA) believes it is time you say less. Americans of Hispanic descent are willing and capable to speak for themselves. We hope you are listening, Sen. Reid, because this is why we are Republicans:

The Republican Party is the party of strong national defense, one of the only jobs constitutionally charged to the federal government. The ILRNHA believes in supporting and upholding the Constitution as it is currently written.

The Republican Party is for common sense health care reforms. The ILRNHA supports this, and believes common sense measures are the way to promote and protect the health care needs of every American adult and child.

The Republican Party is for energy independence. The ILRNHA agrees with freeing ourselves from foreign sources of energy because it poses a threat to our national economy and safety, as well as the continued prosperity of the United States.

The Republican Party stands for a world-class system of primary and secondary education. The ILRNHA believes in highly prioritizing education because it will ensure future generations with responsible leadership and prosperity.

Most importantly, the Republican Party unwaveringly believes in the power and opportunity of the American free market economy. The ILRNHA stands firmly for this principle because it is the free market that has provided every immigrant, regardless of origin, a renewed sense of hope, and an ability to improve his or her life and posterity.

With all due respect, Senator Reid, it is time you understand that Hispanic people are not only diverse in their origins, but also in their beliefs. We are not beholden to the Democrat Party or liberal ideology. We are not Republicans because we are Hispanic; we are Hispanic and believe in the principles of the Republican Party. Republican principles are where we put our hope; and as for the change, you can keep it.

***Statement written by Ric Gruber, Vice-President RNHA of DuPage County



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