RNHA Regional Reps & State Chapters Reject Maldonado’s Fraudulent Re-Election as RNHA National Chair
Posted November 01, 2011 by Rafael Rivadeneira

Today, we, the National Committee of the RNHA, strongly reject the leadership of an unethical individual who embarrasses all Republicans and Hispanics as a whole. Her Dictatorial leadership doesn’t have a place in this wonderful country.

Ms. Alci Maldonado hosted an illegal National Convention of the RNHA this past Labor Day weekend, which violated several bylaws and therefore we, the RNHA National Committee, don’t recognize Alci Maldonado’s leadership and her illegal re-election as president of the RNHA.

The RNHA National Convention held this past Labor Day weekend is fraudulent, to wit:

  1. Rule No. 34 of the bylaws required the call for the National Convention on or before March 1, 2011. But Ms. Maldonado did not release a notice until a couple of weeks before the National Convention held this past September.
  2. Ms. Maldonado only notified a few RNHA State Chapters of the call for the National Convention. RNHA State Chapters who did not support the reelection of Ms. Maldonado as Chair were neither notified nor invited to the National Convention even though these chapters are and were in good standing.
  3. Rule No. 17 (1) of the bylaws require the formation of a Credentials & Membership Committee “composed of two members of the RNHA National Committee from each of the four (RNHA) regions, elected by members of the RNHANC from the four (4) regions” to review the credentials of delegates to the National Convention. Ms. Maldonado did not form such a Credentials Committee to verify how many delegates each State Chapter should have. In fact, there is a lack of transparency for the whole membership of RNHA Florida.
  4. A quorum was not present at the National Convention.

This self-serving disregard for the rule of law is a Dictatorship that knows no end and cannot continue to be overlooked. We must push forward and demand answers. Only transparency can end this corruption that is replete with negative consequences. Let it not be said that we failed to act.

RNC leadership has been notified of our rejection of Alci Maldonado and the results of the fraudulent RNHA National Convention held last September.


Lorraine Lopez, National RNHA Northeast Region Representative and Chairman RNHA NY

Larry Meneses, National RNHA Northeast Region Representative and National Committeeman RNHA NY

Bettina Inclan, National RNHA Western Region Representative and former Executive Director of the National RNHA

Steven C. Vargas, National RNHA Western Region Representative

Gabriela Wyatt, National RNHA Midwest Region Representative

Victor Gomez, National RNHA Midwest Region Representative

Richard Loa, Chairman RNHA CA

Lydia Gutierrez, National Committeewoman RNHA CA

John Quintanilla, National Committeeman RNHA CA

Gus Portela, Chairman RNHA MI

Victor Diaz, National Committeeman RNHA MI

Rafael Rivadeneira, Chairman RNHA IL

Gloria Campos, National Committeewoman RNHA IL

Juan Cabrera, Chairman RNHA MA

Luis Acle, Chairman RNHA AZ



  • Good news, proper action has been taken, we need to move and organize to be prepared for the historica,l and never seen before in our life the mother of all battles to protect and defend our Constitution and the Republic.


  • “The Respect to the Right of others is Peace”

    I agree with my brothers and sisters of the RNHA

    The Republican Party is the Peoples Party and WE are the people

    We pick our leaders they do not pick themselves .

    America the Beautifull-  Mother of Democracy

    Besos y Abrazos Hispanos

    Gisela Villasenor
    RNHA Florida Chapter Member

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