RNHA National Committee Rejects Former Chairman Maldonado; Upholds IL RNHA
Posted January 23, 2013 by Rafael Rivadeneira

The Republican National Hispanic Assembly (RNHA) is a national organization with chapters throughout the United States. The organization has existed since the 1970's. I am the state chairman of the California RNHA and member of the RNHA National Committee.

I write this letter because it has been brought to the attention of RNHA leadership that Steve Orlando is attempting to have the Court issue a restraining order against the ILLINOIS RNHA. The certified Illinois RNHA chapter is led by Rafael Rivadeneira, who has been the State Chair since February 28, 2009. The Illinois Chapter led by Mr. Rivadeneira has been recognized by the National RNHA since on or about 2007.

The so called Illinois Chapter of the RNHA led by Steve Orlando is not the officially sanctioned chapter of the RNHA. Steve Orlando is not the Chairman of the legitimate RNHA Illinois State Chapter.

Because of the disregard for the national organization the authorized RNHA Illinois chapter, led by Mr. Rivadeneira, has worked on organizing the RNHA Illinois 2013 Biennial Convention scheduled for January 26th, 2013 in Elgin, Illinois.

However, the faction represented by Steve Orlando is again trying to confuse the RNHA membership by using a letter dated July 16, 2012, signed by Ms. Maldonado stating in effect that the Rivadeneira Illinois RNHA charter was revoked and that she is recognizing the Steve Orlando group. The July 16th letter is entirely illegitimate and done without regard to RNHA Constitution and Bylaws. The dispute to resolve which group was officially sanctioned by National RNHA, although scheduled, never took place. Any attempt to decertify the Illinois Chapter is improper because there has never been any proceeding with notice to the Illinois Chapter to accomplish that action.

The purported national RNHA Chairman Alci Maldonado is from Florida. In 2008 she was elected chairman at a national convention held in Virginia. After her initial election she has not been re-elected to the position at a constitutionally sanctioned convention.

From the time Ms. Maldonado was elected in 2008, she has not held any RNHA national executive committee meetings, although several of the RNHA state chapters demanded that meetings be held as required by the RNHA National Constitution and bylaws.

On Labor Day weekend 2011 Ms. Maldonado held a convention which did not comply with the RNHA constitution and bylaws which was unconstitutional because of the following violations of the RNHA constitution and bylaws:

1. Rule No. 34 of the bylaws required the call for the National Convention on or before March 1, 2011. Ms. Maldonado sent notice to selected chapters two weeks before the National Convention held this September 2011.

2. Ms. Maldonado did not send notice of the call to convention to duly constituted RNHA State Chapters who did not support her reelection as Chair. Those chapters were neither notified nor invited to the National Convention even though these chapters are and were in good standing. This includes the California, Illinois, Michigan, Arizona, New York, and Minnesota.

3. Rule No. 17 (1) of the bylaws require the formation of a Credentials & Membership Committee "composed of two members of the RNHA National Committee from each of the four regions, specifically Northeast, Midwest, Western and Southern States.

4. The Credentials and Membership Committee is elected by members of the RNHA National Committee from the four (4) regions 'to review the credentials of delegates to the National Convention." Ms. Maldonado did not form such a Credentials Committee to verify how many delegates each State Chapter should have. There was a lack of transparency for the actions of Ms, Maldonado in holding the convention.

5. A quorum was not present at the National Convention.

On March 9, 2011, April 8, 2011, April 27, 2011, because of Ms. Maldonado’s utter disregard for the RNHA rules and regulations, Constitution and bylaws many of the RNHA State Chapters and regional representatives called on her to hold an RNHA National Committee Meeting. A copy of the request dated April 27, 2011 is attached hereto as Attachment Number One. She ignored all the requests.

On November 1, 2011 various State Chapters and Regional Chairs rebuked Ms. Maldonado for her failures to follow the RNHA constitution and bylaws. These chapters and regional chairs do not recognize Ms. Maldonado as the national RNHA Chairman. Any actions taken by her in the name of the National RNHA after September 3rd and 4th 2011 are held by the Chapters that signed the documents cited in Attachment One and Two to be illegitimate and outside the requirements of the RNHA constitution and bylaws. See the complete statement and emails which is attached as Attachment Number Two.

The belated attempt by Steve Orlando to have the Courts of Illinois issue a restraining order against the Illinois RNHA Chapter convention which was long ago scheduled for Saturday January 26th should be summarily denied.



CARNHA State Chairman State of California




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