National RNHA Regroups in Chicago; Elects New Leadership
Posted April 21, 2013 by Rafael Rivadeneira

Members of several RNHA chapters met in Chicago on 4/20/13 to convene a national convention and discuss the future of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly - . “Alci Maldonado calls us inactive chapters,” said Larry Meneses from New York, “but I think it’s ironic that she accuses us of being inactive when the National RNHA has been invisible.”

“Action with a vision creates change,” continued Meneses, “and change is what’s needed at the RNHA. In 2009 we had 15 chapters nationwide. Now we have no idea of how any chapters exist, or even if any chapters exist outside of Alci’s.”

Delegates from California, Illinois, Michigan, New York, Texas and Wisconsin met to participate in several workshops during the morning that were geared to help local RNHA chapters become better organized, develop specific strategies to target new members, and become more informed on issues of importance to the community such as educational reform, and local community issues.

Guest speakers included Bruce Rauner, an Illinois gubernatorial hopeful, who addressed the members warmly and encouraged them to continue their work for the Hispanic community. Adryanna Boyne, a National Director of VOCES Action and a Director of Development of VOTO Honesto, also addressed the enthusiastic delegates, as she discussed the importance of voter integrity. Manny Rosales, the Chairman of the Latino National Republican Coalition was the keynote speaker at the evening’s banquet.

The delegates unanimously decided that it was time to reconstruct and rebuild the RNHA into an effective organization capable of identifying conservative Hispanics, build the political capacity of local Hispanic communities, and support the ideals of the Republican Party of less government and more personal freedom.

“We had six chapters here, and we are going to continue to grow by planning similar events like this to attract new membership,” said Meneses, the newly elected Chairman of the new RNHA Management Team. “I look forward to working with the newly elected management team to present a strategic plan for growth and opportunity for Hispanics throughout America.”



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