From John M. Guevara
Posted April 18, 2013 by Rafael Rivadeneira


This is our time. People want to paint us as a party running scared. I say, absolutely not! I'm a fan of comeback stories; and I say if ever there was a time, if ever there was a moment for a comeback, it's here in Illinois.

I'm attaching a link for you to take a look at, with respect to the National RNHA Convention. I'm sure you've heard multiple sides to this story. It's important to consider both sides in a discussion. I've done the same. After extensive review, I was struck by three things.

1. The National Convention is rightly done.
2. It's the right thing to do - seeing as the National RNHA hasn't had a democratic and open convention since 2009.
3. No state chapter of the RNHA has been decertified by the RNHA National Committee since 2009.

I've heard words like "rogue" and "fraudulent" bandied about in reference to the National Convention. Click on the link to find out why those words are misapplied and poorly chosen. I am hopeful that with the evidence presented, people will make the right choice.

Please know there is one RNHA IL. I have been working to reunite disconnected members to the RNHA IL chapter, for any and all that are willing to join hands and work in common cause.

We have an opportunity like none other, to make a difference for Hispanics, for Republicans, and most importantly, for our home - the great state of Illinois. Let's start our comeback story - together.


John M. Guevara
President and Chairman - RNHA IL



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