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Posted February 17, 2011 by Rafael Rivadeneira in News

To the members and supporters of the RNHA of Illinois:

The RNHA of Illinois biennial convention was held on February 5th at the Dixon Comfort Inn in accordance with the RNHA of Illinois bylaws regarding site selection, credentialed delegates, and in accordance with credentialed parliamentary procedure. The minutes of the Convention are posted online here .

In accordance with Article XII Section 2 of the RNHA of Illinois bylaws, the Executive Committee that was elected at the State Convention per the bylaws met immediately afterwards and are planning on having a general membership meeting of the RNHA of Illinois on Saturday, March 12, 2011.

During the convention, a minority of the convention delegates staged a failed coup d’état and disrupted the meeting repeatedly. The disruptive members were escorted out of the hall by Dixon Police, but not before a member from the DuPage County chapter went as far as threatening the federal employment of one of our officers and for her lack of support of their failed coup d’état.

The members of the failed coup d’état proceeded to another location that was already booked in advance and chose their own leadership with a minority of some credentialed delegates, but mostly Delegates who were not certified. We understand that there is some confusion and appreciate your goodwill through this period. You can read more about the events leading up to the convention here . Thank you for your patience and understanding as we wait for the National RNHA Executive Board to review the Parliamentarian’s report, Credential’s report, meeting minutes and relevant information to make a decision. I follow up with the National RNHA on a regular basis; Chair Alci Maldonado has assured me that the National RNHA Executive Board will provide their resolution soon.

During this time, the rogue faction has been busy sending press releases full of misinformation, including false claims of support; for example:

  • The rogue faction mentions in their press release they are recognized and have the support from the Kane and Kendall County RNHA Chapters. I have confirmation that neither the RNHA Kane County Chair Joe Galvan nor the RNHA Kendall County Chair Sal Barocio have asked their respective Executive Boards or general membership to take a vote on recognizing the rogue faction's failed coup d’état . Therefore, the rogue faction’s claim that the Kane and Kendall County RNHA Chapters recognize and support them is baseless. No vote of support took place. Furthermore, in the case of the RNHA Kendall County Chapter, not even one member supports or recognizes the rogue faction's failed coup d’état .
  • The Will County Republican Central Committee and DuPage County Young Republicans “endorsement” claims are equally baseless. Both organization’s boards and membership have not voted on supporting or recognizing this rogue faction.
  • We also received several complaints regarding the unauthorized use RNHA of Illinois letterhead by the rogue faction to defend Mr. Chris Hage.  We are investigating the appropriate channels to address this misrepresentation and abuse of the RNHA of IL name.

We sincerely anticipate being able to answer any and all questions from the general membership at the RNHA of Illinois meeting next month. If you have any questions about the minutes of the Convention, or would like to gain insight into the presence of the Credentialed and Registered Parliamentarian, feel free to contact myself, 1st Vice-Chair John Guevara or 2nd Vice-Chair Olga Pereira. Let’s not allow outside influences to tear at the fabric of our organization, our principles, and our future. Let’s move forward together, for the Hispanic community, for a stronger Republican Party, and a better Illinois in 2012.


Rafael Rivadeneira
Chairman, RNHA of Illinois

John Guevara
1st Vice-Chair, RNHA of Illinois

Olga Pereira
2nd Vice-Chair, RNHA of Illinois



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