RNHA IL Prevails Over Failed Coup D’etat
Posted February 07, 2011 by John Guevara in News

The RNHA IL Convention was held yesterday. There had been an effort to unseat the current RNHA Chairman and disqualify him from running for reelection by his local chapter interim chairman. An expert Parliamentarian, Nancy Sylvester - MA, PRP, CPP-T, wrote a professional opinion on the membership question, explaining why the suspension of Chairman Rivadeneira's RNHA membership was invalid according to the local chapter's bylaws and governing parliamentary authority handbook.

The Executive Committee never voted to remove Mr. Rivadeneira as the Chairman prior to February 5th, which is required per the RNHA IL bylaws to remove an officer.

Given the unrest, a majority of the Executive Committee voted to hire Nancy Sylvester - MA, PRP, CPP-T, an independent non-RNHA member, to serve as the Parliamentarian for the 2011 RNHA IL Convention to do our best to have a convention run with integrity and impartiality. It was our hope, that at the Executive Committee meeting prior to the start of the Convention, both sides would come together, forge a compromise, and we would be unified.

The minority of the Executive Committee disrupted the meeting from the beginning. They refused to recognize the Parliamentarian. They refused to recognize Chairman Rivadeneira. They had no intention to have an election between two candidates for Chairman and coming to a compromise. The motion for adjournment was called by Chairman Rivadeneira, and the meeting was adjourned by a majority vote of the Executive Committee. The minority members remained without a quorum of the Executive Committee, conducting their own meeting.

The Convention was called to order. The Parliamentarian was approved to preside over the Convention by majority vote of the credentialed delegates present. The Credentials and Membership Report was called for and delivered to the Convention delegates. During that time the minority of the Executive Committee attempted to disrupt the Convention, were ruled out of order multiple times by the Parliamentarian, refused to come to order. At that point, they were asked to leave per parliamentary procedure. They refused, and were then escorted from the Convention by Dixon Police.

After this unfortunate demonstration, the Credentials and Membership Report was received, and a quorum of credentialed county chapter delegates were present. A majority of the credentialed delegates voted at the Convention, and we were able to move forward.

The elections were held according to the RNHA IL bylaws and governing parliamentary procedure. Republican National Committeewoman Demetra DeMonte was an excellent choice for keynote speaker.

This minority group had promised unity for the RNHA when they campaigned for Chairman and other state offices. Yet they proved unable and unwilling to forge unity. Their clear purpose was only to unseat the current Chairman by any means possible. Everything was pre-planned and staged. They even distributed pre-printed maps from the Convention to the other location they had booked days before the Convention. They chose division over unity.

The RNHA IL is choosing to move forward. We're choosing to work together. We're going to do the hard work to achieve great things for the RNHA, for the Republican party, for the Hispanic community, and for the people of Illinois.

We look forward to doing everything necessary to achieve these goals.



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