The American Dream by Deb Leticia Gordils
Posted December 22, 2014 by Deb L Gordils

The American Dream Cannot be diminished, it is known through out the worldMany wish for it and die never attaining it but pass it on to new generations.....Lose not faith, it will live an eternityforever embedded in the hearts and minds of so many whether American or not... never to be erased but to rise again above all that is evi. lAfter the Drones, the Chemtrails, the disparity...God in all his wisdom will pick up his wounded Country of favorAnd shine again with the brilliance of anewThe promise of The American Dream here and abroad lives on in the soul of all people who yearn to be freeAnd on this celebrated Memorial Day let us promise those who gave their lives for me, for you , for The American Dream ..that their valiance was not in vain...we shall rise in Their Memory and Defend Her Liberty..By :Deb Leticia Gordils May 26, 2014


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