GOP NV Hispanic Caucus Chairman Speaks Out About National RNHA Leadership
Posted August 26, 2011 by Rafael Rivadeneira
GOP NV Hispanic Caucus Chairman Speaks Out About National RNHA Leadership

Our country is heading to probably the most important election year in the past two decades. As we have seen the downturn of our economy, jobs lost in record numbers, unemployment at levels that threaten the future of our prosperity and an administration that has not led in the face of these challenges, today more than ever the conservative Latinos ought to be united in one voice to demand from our elected officials to represent the interest of all Americans and secure the future of our children. Four years ago in 2007 a group of Latinos in Nevada decided to form a state caucus to help inform and organize conservative Hispanics in Nevada. At that time it made sense to pursue to join an existing organization that had been at that time working for over 30 years as the voice of Republican Latinos in our nation. However, after much disappointment based on the dysfunctional, dishonest and dictatorial leadership in the past two years, Nevada decided to not renew their chapter of the RNHA and decided to stand independent and seek other state and national groups with similar missions.

One of the characteristics we looked for in a political group like the National RNHA was its governance model where the board including its national members who lead each chapter are not only part of the decision making process but also an intricate part of the managing proceedings. The RNHA, under its current leadership since 2009, has grown more and more authoritarian, defeating all bylaws and procedures and setting a bad example to new and upcoming leaders in our party. That is not how we run political organizations in this country and does not benefit our mission. After all, we honor a system that functions under the rule of law. This does not seem to be the modus operandi of the RNHA under its current leadership. Instead of expanding nationally, the RNHA in the past 2 years has been reduced to fewer state chapters and some existing ones have dwindled to the point of being inactive. This is not the direction we want to see our Hispanic conservative community go.

Being in politics and volunteering like most of us for the future protection of conservative values and in partnership with state and local Latino leaders is not only essential but also imperative. The current RNHA chair has forgotten about service for others and has focused on serving her own controlling ambition. When you forget that you are here to serve others for the greater good in cooperation and in an environment of honesty, there comes the moment to change your job.

With 2012 in our footsteps already, each state Latino leader must keep organizing, unifying and partnering with the community to inform all voters about the reality of our nation’s politics and what each of us can do to make it better.

Nevada Latinos, today, are proud that after becoming independent from the RNHA, we have become stronger and expanded to a statewide grassroots organization that is dedicated to inform, educate, train and respond to the needs of Latinos in Nevada. We have formed new alliances with state and national groups, and continue to seek ways in which we can partner with other likeminded Republicans whose purpose is to elect Republican candidates into office. We have trained dozens of operatives and surrogates in Nevada, and I have helped train hundreds across the nation.

Without the dysfunction, arrogance and restrictive interference of our former partner, the RNHA, we strive as we grow to serve Nevadans in getting a better understanding of our political landscape.

Don’t wait to be called, just listen to the whisper and take action.

Tibi Ellis

Republican Nevada Hispanic Caucus (former RNHA chapter), Chairman and Founding Member

Nevada Latinos for Prosperity, Founding Member (in alliance with)

Latino National Republican Coalition, National Secretary (in alliance with)



  • JohnGuevara

    Agreed. This is am opportunity for the National leadership to do what’s right; not only what’s comes easy. It’s unfortunate that the actions taken are geared towards the latter. The question remains, as the national organization becomes increasingly inviable, whether the any state GOP organization can afford to alienate conservative Latinos by coercing RNHA partnership or if a different paradigm should be examined.

    Me? I’m a federalist. Mandate specific, detailed powers to a national organization through a constitution and bylaws that protect the strong state chapters. Each state should have similar C/Bs to protect strong county chapters. These organizations should foster leadership and development, including training on impacting communities, parliamentary procedure, and most importantly, business development.

    The goal should be to create a permanent movement of Latino Republicanism. It can be done. And it will be done in IL. The stakes are too high, and we can’t have all of our hardworking tax-paying citizens moving to Indiana and Wisconsin along with the jobs.

  • I predict that Governor Rick Perry will be our next President and there will be rejoicing from one end of the nation to the other. 

    A majority of Latinos will probably vote for President Obama, but with nowhere near the numbers, he had in 2008.  I also believe that President Obama, will do his best to incite racial prejudices against Latinos by “white” conservatives, and blame the TEA party movement at the same time.  Because of this vote getting tactic by Obama…there will be considerable resentment in communities across America against Latinos, and in particular illegal’s. 

    President Rick Perry will be under extreme pressure from the “right wing” conservative folks who will claim to have elected him…to do something against the illegal immigration “problem.”  In the process, thousands of law abiding Hispanic Americans will feel the wrath of these ignorant and racist individuals.

    It is imperative that Hispanic organizations are prepared for this potential eventuality, and furthermore, they are willing and able to fight against those that would inflict this pain in our nation, just to garner votes. 

    We cannot be prepared if our focus is not where it should be…that being…the Hispanic people we are trying to provide a voice for.  I urge those involved in the current RNHA organizational disputes to make wise decisions…if those decisions are contrary to national leadership…so be it.

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