IL RNHA Operation Fast & Furious Resolution
Posted July 31, 2012 by Jesus Alaniz in Press Releases

We, the Members of the Illinois Republican National Hispanic Assembly, recognize the sufferings of many of the Mexican people in their everyday pains, anguishes and anxieties through no fault of their own in today’s times. Notwithstanding, we as Hispanic Republicans recognize the Rights of Mexico as a Sovereign State and their Right to manage their own affairs.

Where As - the United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives allowed Gun-Walking of over 2,000 arms by Mexican Drug Cartels from the United States Territory into the Sovereign State of Mexico.

Where As – the action by the United States Federal Government constitutes an aggressive act of placing weapons in the hands of the enemy of the Mexican Government and the Mexican People.

Where As – those arms sold by the United States Federal government to drug cartels resulted in the deaths of over 150 innocent Mexican lives.

Where As - the sale of arms by the United States Federal Government to drug cartels resulted in the death of Border Agent Brian Terry.

Where As – Attorney General Eric Holder has refused to cooperate with Members of Congress and has failed to answer questions during the investigation process.

Where As – the President of the United States Barack Obama has apologized to world leaders for America’s greatness without the consent of the American people.

Here It Then Be Resolved, that We, the Illinois Republican National Hispanic Assembly, as Americans consisting of Members whose heritage extends throughout the Latin World, denounce Operation Fast & Furious, stand in union & solidarity with the Mexican People, the Brian Terry Family and call upon the President of the United States Barack Obama to apologize to the American’s of Mexican descent and the good people of Mexico. Furthermore, we call upon Attorney General Eric Holder to resign for putting the United States in a precarious position with our neighbor and ally Mexico.



  • This is a meaningful beginning to a movement that will hopefully flourish. Tens of thousands of Mexican people have died. None were expendable; and their deaths were a risk worth taking in exchange for what? Even if Holder had gotten what he wanted; how do you justify knowing the risks, and how can you justify silence in the absence of a bare minimum of contrition? Keep up the good work.

  • You want a apology from the President and a resignation of Holder for being directly involved with the murder of hundreds of Mexicans and a Border Patrol agent. You don’t have much respect for human life. A apology and resignation for murder…

  • Mr. Obama, through his Attorney General, armed mass murderers in Mexico that are responsible for the deaths of 50,000 Mexicans. If any United States Citizen had armed a mass murderer of American Citizens they would be in jail without the possibility of parole. This says a lot about the administration the current White House occupant employs.

    Outside my aunts compound in Guadalajara, a machine gun battle awoke me form an exhausted sleep. There was an assassination attempt on a government official, perhaps with one of Holder’s guns. Out side of my aunt’s home. It is personal. They endangered my family. They have armed the murderers of of so many Mexicans that the government of Mexico should petition the the world court to bring charges against Holder and his boss Obama.

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