New DuPage County RNHA Chapter
Posted July 21, 2011 by Rafael Rivadeneira

The IL RNHA would like to congratulate Eligio Marin, the new Chairman of the DuPage County chapter of the RNHA. “I am honored to receive the trust to lead the DuPage County RNHA Chapter,” said Marin. “Our nation is facing the most dangerous times in our history. I invite you to be part of the conservative movement to obtain a victory to protect the Constitution and the Republic in 2012.”

DuPage County RNHA Chapter Background

The DuPage County RNHA held an election via telephone on December 30, 2010. Several issues were identified by members of the DuPage County RNHA immediately following the phone election. One of the issues of concern was that several DuPage County RNHA members did not have access to the RNHA DuPage County phone election.

After conversations between the leadership of the IL RNHA and the members and leadership of the DuPage County RNHA, the acting chairman of the DuPage County RNHA called for “a new RNHA DuPage County election or a reconstituted RNHA DuPage County chapter” since “the amount of RNHA DuPage County members disenfranchised may have led to a different outcome in the RNHA DuPage County election.”

Eligio Marin and the new Executive Board of the DuPage RNHA chapter petitioned the IL RNHA for recognition. However, on June 6, 2011, the IL RNHA Executive Committee decided to wait and see if a new election would be called before approving a new chapter. On July 9, 2011, the IL RNHA Executive Committee approved the new DuPage RNHA chapter in the absence of any call for a new election.

The IL RNHA is excited to move forward and bring Republican and conservative values to voters in the Hispanic community in DuPage County and across all of Illinois.


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