Congrats to RNHA Leader Li Arellano who wins the Mayors Race in Dixon Illinois!
Posted April 12, 2015 by Deb L Gordils

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What do they do now? Lead Dixon to a brighter tomorrow of course!

Dixon voters wanted different leadership, and they got it. In the first municipal election since the Crundwell scandal broke, the torch was passed to a younger generation. The public must stay involved as the new city manager government is implemented.

Published: Wednesday, April 8, 2015 8:46 p.m. CDT by Sauk Valley Newspaper..

I met Li a few years ago when he ran for State Representative and had the Madigan machine of politics stacked up against him, but that did not stop him from taking on the challenge and here he is today not defeated but focused. Illinois needs more focused and driven candidates. The never say never spirit that Li has should be inspiration to so many leaders Latino or not in the quest to do good. We here at the Illinois Republican National Hispanic Assembly who fight regularly to do good things for Republican latinos are proud of our friend Li. We believe Dixon will prosper under Li's leadership and congratulate Dixons entire new city council may God bless and protect them as they work hard to lift the people of Dixon into prosperity. 




  • Way to go, Your Honor!  We’re so proud of you!!  ¡Felicidades! ☺

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