Advisory Board

The new IL RNHA Advisory Board is comprised of prominent and high-profile Republican leaders in both the private and public sectors.

State Representative John Cabello

68th District

Advisory Board

''I am honored and humbled to lead the advisory board. Our focus must be on how best we can together get Latinos in our great party. It is imperative to include Latinos. We are the fastest growing minority. Once we educate Latinos on the values of our party and what we stand for I believe the flood gates will open.''

State Representative Jeanne Ives

42nd District

Advisory Board

“I look forward to working with all members of the IL RNHA to advance the conservative message of lower taxes, less government, family values, and individual liberty to the Hispanic community. These are values many of them already hold. I will work to find new leaders for our party from within the Hispanic community and request their help in advancing the pro-growth, pro-family policies the Republican Party stands for.”

State Representative Pam Roth

75th District

Advisory Board


"I am honored to join the IL RNHA and lend my support to its great cause. The Republican Party shares many of the same values as the Hispanic communities. I look forward to working with the IL RNHA to find solutions to issues affecting Hispanics in our state."

State Representative Tom Morrison

54th District

Advisory Board

''I'm grateful for the opportunity to work with the RNHA of Illinois. By working together and standing boldly for conservative principles, we can and will restore our great state.''

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