Real Help for the People of Elkhart, IN
Posted February 18, 2009 by Rafael Rivadeneira

President Obama was in Elkhart, IN, recently talking about the high unemployment in Elkhart. Elkhart is considered the "RV capital of the world," and one of every four jobs in Elkhart is tied to the service or manufacture of recreational vehicles and component parts. Yet, as President Obama was making the case for why we need to spend nearly a trillion dollars to stimulate the economy, I never heard how any of those stimulus dollars would give jobs back to the people laid off from one of the RV companies in Elkhart.

What could drum up demand for RVs? Will federal spending on pet projects and other related pork stimulate demand for RVs?

The best way to stimulate the economy is by letting hard working people keep more of the money they earn every week and that includes the so-called rich. Instead of giving out welfare to the people that don’t pay income taxes, what if we gave tax credits to the "rich" people who buy these RVs-which cost from $50,000 to as much as $400,000? Though the Left would cry foul and spread class warfare, the "rich" might actually be encouraged to go out and buy another toy and/or upgrade their existing RV to get a tax credit.

Let’s see, as the "rich" put in their orders for the suped up RVs, the RV manufacturers in Elkhart might actually have to call back a few of those laid off workers as demand for their RVs go up.

But wait! There’s more: Who says the stimulative effect has to stop there? Their new RVs will have to be used and showed off to the Jones’s next door. So you guessed it....Road Trip!

Then, as our "rich" friends take their new RV across our great land with their "rich" friends, where are they going to go? I imagine they would choose a nice place whose business depends on visiting RV travelers to sustain their cash flow so as to not be forced to lay off their workers.

You might think that’s where this stimulus train comes to an end, but it keeps chugging along. When our "rich" RV buying travelers come back home, they might have to service their new mobile home and guess who’s waiting to benefit from that? Could it be one of those many RV service companies in Elkhart that President Obama spoke to recently?



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