John Cabello Appointed State Rep
Posted August 12, 2012 by Rafael Rivadeneira
John Cabello Appointed State Rep

The RNHA IL congratulates former Winnebago County Board member John Cabello on his appointment as Illinois State Representative in the 68th District. Mr. Cabello is a strong, conservative voice and a credit to the Hispanic community who will be a breath of fresh air in Springfield. The RNHA IL is excited for the future of the state of Illinois as it fights to elect more conservative leaders like Mr. Cabello.

Mr. Cabello is Vice-Chairman of the RNHA IL Winnebago County Chapter and is the first Conservative Republican of Hispanic heritage to serve in the Illinois state legislator.



  • So happy for your John!!  You are a good man!!

  • I have always thought that by naming a section of government “Black,” or “Latino,” was at least exclusive. I personally find this offensive, and racist. I do not care what party you associate with. The second a member of Congress calls him, or herself White, Jesse Jackass is there ready to race-bait like the pro he is!
    Well screw you, I am white and proud. Call me what you will, this IS a two way street!

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